Nur Tahabsem

I am Energy healer & Spiritual Coach. I always felt a pull towards wellness and mental health.I studied psychology to explore my passion in wellness. I later discovered the vast field of meditation & energy healing. I started my spiritual journey with selflove workshop and later went into certified meditation program.


Discovered my gifts in healing along the way and went on to become a reiki master teacher. Now i practice many types of healing techniques like reiki, crystal healing, sound bath, access bars psychic surgery, hypnotherapy, and cosmic energy.

As Jordanian understood the importance of mental health awareness in my community and i established my company REIKI AURA HEALING. I regularly organize talks, seminars, meditations for people to explore wellness. I also works on people one on one for private sessions and i conducts classes and workshops.

I follows my passion everyday and works to inspire people to find their calling and walk on it with passion. I tour many places offering my courses, workshops and meditations. I instruct in English & Arabic.

Certifications & Qualifications:

B.A clinical psychology from Jordan  university 2007


  • Self love program
  • Usui Reiki grand master, level (1-5)
  • Healing with crystals
  • Level 1 Hypnotherapy
  • Acess Bars
  • Certified mediation & Breathing
  • Certified cosmic Energy level 1&2
  • Space cleansing

Workshop & Sessions

  • One on one Reiki healing session
  • Group meditation and breathing works
  • Vision board workshops
  • Law of attraction workshops
  • Certified Reiki classes
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Self love coaching


My experience with Reiki with Nur was absolutely amazing !
She has got healing hands
With only one session I could tell the difference
Many doors have opened for me and it took a big burden off of my shoulders and reminded me how to be happy again
I have recommended many of my friends and they absolutely loved it and it helped them
A lot
Thank you Nur for always being there and for your devotion.

Nour was recommended to me by a friend. I was suffering from stress and anxiety. Reiki sessions helped me a lot to overcome my fears.
Meditation techniques instructed by Nour helped me regain control over my life and exercise relaxation and mindfulness. I feel much better now and would recommend Reiki sessions with Nour to all my friends!

Dear Nur I would love to share my experience in Reiki i did 2 sessions with you I really felt the change from the first session, it was amazing.
The reiki sessions helped me vibrate from a higher level of energy instead of a lower level which helps me through my life, I became more calm, less stressed and most importantly happier.
Became of your sessions I decided to learn Reiki myself.

Hey Nur
Reiki did brighten up my life and made me feel lighter . I enjoyed every bit of it and will definitely keep coming to you to balance every now and then
I thank you so much

Good Morning Noor
Thank you for yesterday’s session.
I went home did my breathing and meditation. I slept better than usual , I started my day with gratitude and did breathing as well.
Trying to put myself in my bubble . have a lovely day

To my precious healer
That’s what I like to call you
Once I started my journey I went there with heavy heart cynical and thought I am going to try this to have the tick on my bucket list been there done that.
Now I have a new perspective towards my being my energy is completely different no more destructive thoughts I learned that am much more than my thought am more loving and accepting of who I am I realized that I do matter that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and that am worthy of love and receiving love after my second session I received love not because of anything just because I was more accepting I cut the cord with the past and now am working towards my future am so excited about this new journey I feel like myself again thank you noor looking forward to meet my new self.

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Reiki Healing
Reiki Healing Sessions
Reiki is a universal life force energy which is gentle, calming and healing. 
Crystals Healing
The practice of crystals healing involves an advanced energy healer utilizing their intuition, spiritual guidance, crystal grids, and positive intentions to heal, cleanse, balance, unblock, and activate the client’s chakras.
Nur Tahabsem – Energy Healer

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