Energy Healing Sessions

Negative Energy Cleansing
These techniques may include reiki, crystal healing, breathing exercises, tapping, or psychic cleanses, all aimed at removing dense, negative energy blockages.
Spiritual Guidance
Spiritual Guidance
If you ever feel out of alignment, lost, or simply need a safe space to discuss your concerns, then this session is for you.
Hypnotherapy Counselling
Hypnotherapy is a deep dive in your subconscious mind. It has stored every memory, every experience you ever had and are still having.
Access Consciousness Therapy
Access Consciousness & Bars Therapy
Access Consciousness became a phenomena rapidly with the results showing up almost immediately after a session. One of the most popular access session is access bars.
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Anxiety checklist
Constant nervousness, restlessness Tired all the time Difficulty relaxing or staying calm Feeling that you are running out of time Micromanaging everything Perfectionism
Aura Cleansing
Aura cleansing
If you find yourself frequently falling ill, feeling constantly irritated and exhausted, and struggling to sleep, it may be time to consider cleansing your aura. 
Negative Energy Cleansing
Chakra Balance and Healing
The way we handle challenges, process information, and deal with past difficult experiences all impact the state of our chakras.
Theta Healing
Theta Healing
Associated with creativity, intuition, daydreaming, and fantasizing, and serve as a storage for memories, emotions, and sensations.
Reiki Healing
Reiki Healing Sessions
Reiki is a universal life force energy which is gentle, calming and healing. 
Distance Energy Healing
Distance Healing
Distance healing is a very concentrated form of healing performed with set intention for the client. The intention is usually discussed and in the course of the sessions could evolve into more clarity. 
Crystals Healing
The practice of crystals healing involves an advanced energy healer utilizing their intuition, spiritual guidance, crystal grids, and positive intentions to heal, cleanse, balance, unblock, and activate the client’s chakras.

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