Greetings, beautiful soul, and welcome to this digital space where I briefly paint a picture of the journey that has led me to this point in time. I go by the name of Ash, and my journey began at a very young age— as little as 6 years old. I could see “things” and hear “others” as far as I could remember. I knew the emotions and feelings of those around me before they had realized them themselves. However, as a child and later on as a young adult, my frustration grew as no one could explain what I was experiencing, and the frustration grew even bigger as I saw more and more proof that these are not just my imagination going wild and but actual events that I could predict and sense.

This sent me on a journey beyond the culturally taught narratives, which explained nothing of what I was experiencing. 

A journey that encompassed music, plant medicine, shamans, gurus, dancing, nature, and finally, meditation and Reiki. It was with meditation and energy healing that I finally found the answers I was looking for. One colossal epiphany dawned upon me, guiding me to the person I am today: “As others were kind to me when I was seeking, it is my duty to help others that are seeking the truth.” All I can do is pay it forward, feed a cycle that is worth feeding and nurturing. I am here to help and listen to all those that seek the light. What I can offer is listed below.

Now, many healers or guides like to pick up a few skills along the way. I, for one, like to focus on the two that had worked for me. After years of helping others, my gifts manifested into a unique form of Reiki which I named ‘Hypnosis Reiki’. In this modality, I take the seeker on an inner journey of emotional and spiritual purging and cleansing, making sure to make it as soft and pleasant. I also focus on the form of meditation that had completely transformed my life: mindful meditation. For we are only truly happy when we learn how to master our minds and live in the present moment.

Below is what I offer and how I contribute to this beautiful cycle.


Hypnosis Reiki: A one-hour-long session of Reiki that starts with a form of energy hypnosis. My Reiki dwells within the body of the receiver for 3 days, releasing and healing. I recommend 3 Hypnosis Reiki sessions with a gap of 3 days in between each, totaling 9 days for the highest form of results. Naturally, a single session of Hypnosis Reiki is still very powerful and beneficial.

Mindful Meditation: My guided meditations are heavily influenced by the Buddha of our time, Siddhartha Gotama, where the focus on the present moment is a priority. Through such practice, your mind calms down, the non-stop thoughts slow down, and one learns how to enjoy the beauty of our world second by second, moment after moment, with a very clear and focused mind. The sessions are 1 hour long, and I will provide you the tools and guidance that will allow you to incorporate it into your day-to-day life.


As a Reiki Master, I am trained and certified to guide you through your own journey of energy healing and awakening.

Courses (Attunements will be taking place from Reiki 1 to 3):

  • Reiki 1
  • Reiki 2
  • Reiki 3
  • Reiki 4 & 5 (Master Course)


“Ash’s Reiki was literally life changing for me. He really knows his stuff, made me feel so calm and relaxed and the whole experience really was wonderful. I came away feeling calm, relaxed and most importantly with a sense and focus and direction that I had not felt for weeks. I would highly recommend his services for any interested parties and am highly grateful for the time and effort he put into me. Highly recommend x”
Daniel M. 

“Ash is a really welcoming and heartwarming person. I really enjoyed my Reiki-Session with him – I felt secure and understood. The chat we had afterwards gave me beautiful insights to my spiritual journey. Thank you for this wonderful experience.”
Vanessa B. 

“Ash is wonderful and welcoming person who pays attention to all his guests. An     amazing reiki master, and a master in meditation, also a very open person not set in his ways. I tried his group meditation and he made one hour feel like ten minutes, a great experience. Recommended!”
Espen I. 

“I had one of the best reiki sessions with Ash! He’s such an amazing listener, empath and healer who’s able to create a trust bond with the client and I really felt this safe and protected space that he’s creating for the session. When we started talking it was like I had known him for my entire life and I felt understood without any judgement. He’s an amazing reiki healer and i feel very grateful and abundant to have had the possibility to do this session with him. Again thank you Ash for sharing your gift with others, it’s special!”
Tatiana V. 

“Ash is a great reiki practitioner with a lot of knowledge and experience, it was my first-time receiving Reiki and he made me feel so comfortable and safe. He takes time for you for the preparation and the integration before and after session. After the session i felt so calm and at ease, i highly recommend him, he is not just an amazing reiki master, but also a wonderful human being!”
Elena D. 

“I have had my 1st ever Reiki session with Ash today. He made me feel very comfortable. His place where the session takes place is super clean and calming.
He explained everything to me beforehand about Reiki and how the session would go. During the session it was actually a lot more intense than I imagined it would be (in a good way) I felt a lot of sensations in my body and I could feel the energy throughout. We spoke again afterwards and I felt very calm. I would definitely like to try it again.”
Rose W. 

“Ash is a great Reiki Master!  I had few sessions with him, and I felt amazing! Ash is excellent professional, a beautiful human being and a powerful healer!”
Regina H. 

“The hole experience was outstanding. Ash it’s an incredible person who really knows what he’s doing and he puts all his love on it. Totally worth it!”
Agustina G.

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Reiki is a universal life force energy which is gentle, calming and healing. 

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