Thank you for visiting my page. I am delighted to walk you through some of the techniques of life coaching from ancient India. Vedic knowledge is an ocean, we are merely mortals standing on the beach, just dipping our feet in and playing with the crashing waves to soak up as much as we can.

I work on these main aspects of this knowledge 

  1. Jyotish Vigyan – A study of astronomy and astrology to understand time and work with the heavenly bodies to further our growth in life.
  2. Vaastu Shastra – The study of creating a living space like a temple, palace, home or factory in such a way to ensure maximum energetic and life support to those living and working within
  3. Mantra Chanting and Meditation 
  4. Lessons from the Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta

All of Vedic knowledge is based on one very important principle – Karma. Your Action and Non Action. This is what determines your life path, your life lessons and your growth, both energetically and materially. 

The Law of Karma states that if Your Action or Your Non – Action causes a certain event to unfold, it can be improved or rectified by adjusting Your Actions as well. In short – If you reap what you sow, it is time to change what you sow to reap better results.

All of the above modalities are based on just this principle. 

Let me break this down further to show you how these modalities can help you in your life –

Jyotish Vigyan, simply called Astrology is the study of the heavenly bodies in our solar system. The snapshot of the planetary movements at the exact moment a person is born is a mirror to the life lessons he has promised to work on and the strength and weakness he comes with to take him down that path.

When we study the exact birth details and compare it to the life the person has lived till the current moment, we can, based on this data, understand how the lessons are unfolding and the support this person needs in order to achieve her/ his desires.

Vedic Astrology isn’t as much about predictions as it is about making better choices. A study of your birth chart will help determine which time period can be used to focus on certain aspects of your life. It can help determine the simple and yet profound changes that you can make in your life to grow better and it can through various remedial measures help you not only to manifest your desires but also to overcome some of your toughest life lessons

Vaastu Shastra says that the energy of your home/ office will either work towards supporting you or disrupting you. This is exactly why you would happily walk into a derelict space and work on making it your home while you may run away from other more luxury homes even before you really step into them.

Using the knowledge of the directions and the Panch MahaBhutas – Water, Earth, Air, Fire, Space, we create better space alignment for you in your own homes, to make it more conducive for you and your family and help you overcome the problems you are facing in life.

Mantras and Meditations – Vedic knowledge is passed down in the Sanskrit Language. The language of vibrations and sounds that has the power to change not only your mental space but also your DNA if used correctly. We work on simple mantras that everyone can chant and improve not only their chakras but also work on individual issues in life. 

Lessons from the SriMad Bhagavata MahaPurana 

The Life Lessons of Krishna, his valor and ultimately the Mahabharata War is said to be so profound that any life issues you may be facing, learning this Gem allows you to make your life better. Life Coaching through this is mostly done as stories are shared in a circle and discussed to better understand human behavior  and how we can incorporate this into our own lives.

If the above intrigues you, let me tell you how we can work on this for you.

I work remotely when it comes to Astrology. We can have a Free Get to Know call and discuss your questions and the process involved. Once you agree to work on yourself and define the first problem you wish to begin with, we begin our process based on your accurate birth details.

I work with you individually for 3 months as you go through the changes based on the remedies we discuss in your report that I will create. 

With Vaastu Shastra, we require a physical visit to the place or a video tour along with the maps of the home with accurate measurements. We work on enhancing the interiors of your space to enhance the energetic alignment and understand the results better. This again is a 3 month process with me.

The mantras and Meditations as well as Life lessons is a circle based on event based process where we meet or enjoy a retreat together to focus working on some issues in a group – workshops like chakra healing through mantras or self forgiveness 

If the above intrigues you, makes you wish to work on yourself, it’s now a good time to connect with me and focus on self healing. 

Now let me share a bit about me. I am a chartered accountant by profession and I have a financial background. Mathematics is a fundamental requirement for Vedic Astrologers and, most Indian Astrologers excel in Mathematics or engineering.. I am also a Reiki Master and began my occult journey with cards & tarot as a teenager.. Religion in Hinduism is based on astrology , it is something we grow up discussing over Tea. My Great grandmother introduced me to both the bhakti -eternal love form of religion and the more structural system of traditional religion.  I was lucky to have multiple Gurus who honed my knowledge and taught me & taught me traditional forms of Astrology. 

I follow two basic tenets in My work. The first is faith – unwavering faith in your religion or deity and the second is Karma-Your desire to work on your life and to improve on it. IIf you have these two and are willing to walk the talk, let’s work together to manifest your desires.

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