Hello! I facilitate and hold spaces for people who are at a place in their lives where they feel there is more to life than what they have experienced , people who want to break free from their old realities and create a new reality , people  who are done playing victims of their fate and are willing to step up into their own Truth and own their Creative Potency.  

The nature of my work isn’t limited to any technique or modality but on the core understanding from which all energy healing modalities work. (although I have worked with different modalities like Reiki , Pranic Healing , hypnosis , Access Bars etc in the past).I help people understand the core idea of energy and consciousness and how they create their own realities and they can also uncreate and recreate new realities.My understanding of energy and metaphysics doesn’t only come from what I have studied in the courses and from the teachers that I have learnt from but also from years of Self work , meditations , realizations that I have had  living in the Himalayas for more than 7 years .  

The ideas that I share in my work are the core ideas that are also mentioned in the different ancient scriptures and I help to present the ancient wisdom in the simplest of ways without the adulteration of the human mind . 

One of the most important aspects of my work is to help people connect with their innate Light and Wisdom that is within them and always there and they can always connect with that Inner sanctuary of Healing , Well Being and Abundance.Another aspect of my work is to help people understand that they are not limited to what they are experiencing right now and that they can expand into other dimensions of their existence that they didn’t even know existed which would lead to greater sense of Spiritual and Material fulfillment and sense of Wholeness and harmony within oneself . 

Last but not the least, to sum it all , it would be a journey of opening up  , releasing the limited perceptions, clearing old blocks and wounds(From Ancestory and the collective consciousness) and integrating our Light within the human existence, emerging as the Embodied Beings of Light free from the karma and the baggage and the density of the mass Consciousness . 

That said, I am happy to be of contribution to anyone who is willing to go into their journey of Self discovery and Embodiment of their Truth , beyond their present limitations , issues, traumas and wounds. 


My session with Rohit was amazing !I really felt heard and seen .I felt held and supported. He helped me release some pain and it helped me create some new manifestations in my life . I really felt that he listened to me and not just words ,but beyond . He brought some new perspectives and guided me gently without forcing anything

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