From corporate climber to mindful guide, Meghana is a passionate advocate for mental and emotional wellbeing. With a unique blend of corporate experience, scientific grounding, and holistic healing practices, she empowers individuals to navigate life’s challenges and reach their full potential.

Her foundation lies in:

  • Sustainable wisdom: A Master’s degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management, coupled with over 20 years in the corporate arena, equip Meghana with a unique understanding of human dynamics, and the pressures modern life presents.
  • Mindful transformation: Certified as a Mindfulness Now Teacher by the UK College of Mindfulness, Meghana draws upon evidence-based meditation and mindfulness techniques to cultivate calmness, focus, and resilience.
  • Harnessing energy: As an International Practioner for Holistic Medicine (IPHM) approved Reiki Master Teacher and CNHC-registered practitioner, Meghana guides clients in channeling the universal energy of Reiki for deep healing and personal growth.

Meghana’s offerings:

  • Mindfulness and stress management courses: Tailored to equip individuals with practical tools to manage stress and anxiety, and cultivate lasting inner peace.
  • Reiki sessions: Personalized sessions to address specific concerns, promote balance, and unlock inner resources.
  • Reiki Master Teacher training: Sharing her knowledge and passion for Reiki, Meghana empowers others to become Reiki practitioners and guides themselves.

More than just a wellness practitioner, Meghana is a supportive mentor and a compassionate guide. Her warm presence, insightful guidance, and unwavering belief in human potential create a safe space for individuals to explore, heal, and thrive.

Based in the Northeast of England, Meghana’s reach extends beyond borders. Her online courses and Reiki distance-healing sessions allow her to connect with individuals across the globe, making a difference in their lives one mindful breath, one Reiki touch at a time.

Connect with Meghana today and embark on your journey towards optimal wellbeing. Whether you seek help in managing stress, improved emotional balance, or personal empowerment, Meghana’s blend of science, spirituality, and genuine care can illuminate your path.


I’ve known Ms. Meghana for more than a year. She has guided and helped in achieving my goals/objectives in life. She is always available to help and guide people. I still follow some of her suggested meditations and have seen positive changes in life! Thank you Meghana for being You and guiding me! Grateful
Swapnil Bollavathri

This was a great experience! Meg’s soothing voice during the guided meditation helped me to clear my mind and become more focused on myself.
Bianka Kamath

A Reiki master’s power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses. Which Meghana does eloquently and beautifully.
Kiran Suhail

I found the whole course (Mindfulness) very helpful. It is structured very well. The course provides a practical toolbox and the necessary knowledge to the students. I enjoyed the mediations. I found the teacher knowledgeable and helpful. She provided a tailored experience to me which I really appreciated.

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